Portrait #3 – Ben

Ben is no doubt one of my best friends. We met in highschool and started photography in college together a couple of years ago. After working as a graphic designer for a while, he recently joined the fire department volunteers and is working his way up there.  


   Recently did some shots for Louvintage, a fashion-lifestyle blog for students by students. Be sure to check them out at www.louvintage.com. (There’s a give-away involved)

Portrait #2 – Lotte

I first met Lotte at my highschool. It’s a shame but we didn’t really talk a lot back then. She’s probably the most honest, straightforward, no-nonsense girl I’ve ever met. She’s a screenwriter for Studio 100, yup awesome!

Portrait #1 – Stijn

I met Stijn at the local photoclub in my hometown which is, by the way the biggest, in Belgium. Be sure to check them out. (http://www.lenske.be) First portrait in my series, more coming soon! I’m still open for applications

Looking for people to portrait.

Hi all. Looking for models to expand my portrait portfolio. Haven’t been on the cover of Italian Vogue? No problem! I’m looking for regular/real people Most of my portraiture work is done on an analog medium format camera, I think it’s a less obtrusive way to photograph people It’s not …


Welcome I see you found my new place on the web. Stay tuned. There’s still a lot of changes going on at the moment.